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Who Developed the Scruffy Guider® Collar?

The Scruffy Guider Collar is the design of Jeff Woods, professional dog trainer and owner of Misty Pines Dog Park. Jeff has been successfully training, consulting and teaching thousands of dogs and their owners to "howl with success" since 1975. This experience, coupled with education from Cornell, the University of Guelph and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), led to the development of this training tool. Jeff uses and recommends this collar everyday as a collar that provides not only a safe way to train for the owner, but a collar that was developed with the dog's well being in mind. It has been used by thousands and has had tremendous success.

Jeff also devotes much of his time and his facility to organizations like the Humane Society and Animal Friends, donating a portion of the Scruffy Guider Collar proceeds to these organizations. He has also developed the DAF Program (Dogs Adopted for Friendship), an adoption service working with dog shelters locally.

Jeff's love of dogs inspired his development of a 25-acre dog park allowing a half acre of fenced-in dog playground. It is complete with obstacles, hiking trails, and a pond where dogs can take a swim, with lots of running space in a secure environment. As open spaces disappear, and parks don't allow dogs, Misty Pines Dog Park offers a place where dogs and their owners can experience freedom without the risks. Misty Pines also has incorporated a Doggie Convention Center which is a state of the art 5,400 sq. ft. facility, completely equipped for professional training, dog events, and shows.

Dear Dog Lover,

Congratulations! You have made a great selection in choosing the new humane Scruffy Guider training collar. This collar will bring you and your dog many rewards and great success.

The Scruffy Guider is a new and innovative dog training collar designed by pet professionals. The Scruffy Guider’s humane and safe double-collar design is naturally easy and safe on the dog‘s neck. It has many benefits that will help you raise your puppy and improve behavior in the adult dog. Scruffy Guider design incorporates a unique and convenient handle which allows you the ability to give your dog guidance and direction even without a leash. The Guider acts like training wheels on a bicycle when teaching children to ride.

The Scruffy Guider collar reduces the strain on the dog‘s neck commonly associated with pulling on a leash. Veterinarians have found that the pressure and strain on a dog’s neck from single strand “choke” collars during handling and training can actually injure your pet’s throat and windpipe. Traditional training collars contribute to coughing, hacking, abrasive marks on the neck and possible optic nerve damage, making training unpleasant and communication difficult for dogs. The Scruffy Guider collar addresses these problems; the double-collar design protects the dog’s windpipe and creates minimal stress and strain on the neck. The Scruffy Guider eliminates that guilty feeling dog owners have when their dogs pull too hard on the leash. Once that guilty feeling is gone you can communicate naturally and start training and teaching your dog proper behavior.

The patented double-collar design of the Scruffy Guider imitates the dog’s earliest sense of training; the gentle nudge or firm, scruff-squeeze of the mother to keep her puppies under control. Just as dogs and their ancestors have communicated for centuries, the design of the Scruffy Guider more precisely imitates this simple, natural scruff-squeeze. Now that you have your dog’s attention, you can properly train.

This Scruffy Guider training collar will give your dog the confidence in “you” the “Guider” for your dog. The Scruffy Guider has been successfully utilized in so many areas of dog training:

  • handicap assistant dogs
  • holding up the back end of paralyzed dogs
  • lifting a dog into a boat
  • retrievers “steady at the blind”
  • “whoa” train with bird dogs
  • teaching dogs agility work
  • sit, stay when the doorbell rings,
  • gentle effective leash signals for obedience and behaviors

You will truly be an effective leader, teacher and trainer in your dog‘s life. If Mother Nature had to choose a dog training collar she would choose the Scruffy Guider.

Informational Video

This video will provide you with an interview with Jeff Woods, Scruffy Guider Collar Developer and the Owner of Misty Pines Dog Park.

He lends his training expertise and professional input on the positive aspects of the Scruffy Guider Collar. Video testimonials from satisfied customers, a veterinarian, a behavior consultant, and instructions for use are also included.

If you cannot view the video on the right, please check your Windows Media Player settings for the following: Tools | Options | Performance | Video Acceleration | Advanced | Video Acceleration: At this point make sure the box "Use video mixing renderer" is unchecked.

Dog Training Professionals and/or Humane Societies/Shelters may request this video on a DVD for staff education or for training class presentations.

Misty Pines can be reached via email by clicking here
or call 412-364-4122.

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