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The new Bulldog (size) Scruffy collar arrived today. It fits, works and looks great. The only thing better is the kind, courteous, efficient and professional service that you guys delivered.

I do a ridiculous amount of transactions on the internet and now I have found the best!

I have never written a review but that ends this weekend as I will not only give you 5 Gold Platinum Diamond stars but will be telling about you and showing the collar as I go to dog parks and beaches about 5 times a week.

Gary Bagg

I currently have 4 scotties. Scotties can be very strong and pull hard on a leash. When I first read about your Scruffy-Guider in the Whole Dog Journal, I purchased 4. I have 3 remaining in excellent condition. I love to use them for walking. It keeps them calmer (such as if they see a squirrel or another dog, they will tug initially, but then they stop right away). I like to walk more than one dog at a time, and I can do it easily with the Scruffy Guider. My son got a young Lab, and I bought a S.G. for him, and he's finding it useful mostly at this point, for in-house training such as when the dog gets excited about company. The handle the S.G. has replaced the need for a leash in the house. As there are 4 young children and their friends, and all coming into the house, the S.G. has been of great assistance in the training process, and they will continue to use the S.G. as the puppy grows. My son and I use the Scruffy Guider for different purposes, and it works perfectly for each of our applications.

I just thought I would tell you how glad we were to find your collar.

Karen Phillips

Pat Miller, CPDT, CDBC, of Peaceable Paws, and author of "The Power of positive Dog Training and "Positive Perspectives" had this to say in the May 1999 issue of The Whole Dog Journal

"The perfect training collar is the Holy Grail of the dog training world. There is a firm belief that such a thing must exist, people will go to great effort to try to find it, and the search, for the most part, is disappointing and frustrating. It's refreshing to find a humane training collar that delivers at least some of what it promises. The Scruffy Guider is such a product."

"...the collars fit and rode well, with one strap high on the neck and the other resting at the base, and did seem to more widely distribute any pressure caused by the dog's pulling, as promised."

"I discovered that the handle, offered only on the slip collar, did come in handy on several occasions."

Ask me why the Scruffy Guider® works so well!

“I have been a professional trainer for over 10 years. I started out using choke chains, prong collars, and traditional training, then, 8 years ago I was "turned on" to Positive Reinforcement, and found out you didn't have to hurt your dog to teach them good manners." I joined APDT (Assoc. of Pet Dog Trainers) and through the APDT list posts by other trainers, I found out about the Scruffy Guider Collar. I found it to be a very important addition to my "toolbox." Owners of large dogs in particular find it helpful for managing their dog's behavior in the house thanks to the handle design. I have a client that I assisted in training his service/seeing eye dog, and he loves the Scruffy Guider, the double collar system allowed him to feel if her head turned or dipped during training, and the handle allowed him to hold her closer if it were necessary. Small dogs can benefit from the Scruffy because it does not cause the choking problems like a regular buckle collar can. I would love to introduce this collar to Police K-9 units, I think they would find it very useful. I have a set at my classes so I can allow my clients to try them on. I have a Scruffy for one of my dogs and she gets excited whenever she sees it. The only bad thing I can say about the Scruffy Guider is, "Darn, why didn't I think of it!?"

    Connie Price, CPDT, Gentle Touch Dog Training, Stockton, CA

“The Scruffy Guider is an ideal tool for stopping “bad” behaviors and redirecting dogs toward good behaviors that win them praise. The Scruffy Guider’s prominent handle allows dog owners to interrupt problem behaviors without a lot of fumbling around. In addition, due to the unique, two-buckle design the Scruffy Guider distributes the strength of the owner over the full length of the dog’s neck. This gives the owner control over the dog without putting pressure on one spot on the young dog’s undeveloped neck. The owner can more effectively stop problem behaviors. Once the behavior is interrupted, the Scruffy Guider enables the owner to continue guiding the dog into a sit or down position. The dog can then be rewarded for being in control."

    Sherie Gintner, Canine Behavior Counselor (Western PA. Humane Society)

“Just wanted to let you know I'm a trainer and have used your Scruffy Guider in a rather surprising way - on a 5 year old female german shepherd who has only three legs (has lost her front leg). It's a great collar for her as she uses it like a brace when she is training on lead. Her family is thrilled with it."

    Mary Peterson - Piscataqua Obedience Club

"The Scruffy Guider changed my dog into a loving, kind, happy dog."

    C. Davies (Springer Spaniel)

"An excellent training tool, helps give me better control without hurting the dog."

    R. Schmidt (Lab/Airdale Mix)

"The Scruffy Guider is the best collar we've ever used. We had at least 4 collars before this one. Our dog is 50 lbs. of muscle (Bulldog), and this collar gives us the control to handle him. It's great!"

    C. Shelley (English Bulldog)

"The Scruffy Guider saved my arms and allowed me to continue to love her. It really helps me to guide her. I tell all my friends about it!"

    K. Underwood (Akita)

"The collar has been wonderful at helping me gain control without feeling I'm hurting my dog. The handle is great for working through agility obstacles."

    Glenis Levine (18 month, Gold Retriever)

"With having such a large dog, the Scruffy Guider really helped us gain control. Other collars slipped lower on her neck where she couldn't feel it. The Scruffy Guider stays high up and gives us great control!"

    C. Bostaph (Great Dane)

"Emma tended to pull back when timid or pull ahead when excited. These behavioral problems caused me anxiety because I felt like I was stretching her neck. The Scruffy Guider lessened my anxiety and eased the pull on her neck. Thanks."

    B. Cratty (Border Collie Mix)

"Humane, efficient, great training device."

    R. Huckestein (Wheaton Terrier)

"Scruffy has been a great tool for our "high energy" dog. The handle feature of the collar is especially useful. Our dog has shown wonderful progress in just a few weeks."

    J. Wasson (Jack Russell)

"We've had Jasper's "Scruffy" since she was 6 months old. We would have been lost without it. It is essential for any dog who pulls. Both our dogs wear "Scruffy". They are invaluable."

    B. Marks (Lab)

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This video will provide you with an interview with Jeff Woods, Scruffy Guider Collar Developer and the Owner of Misty Pines Dog Park.

He lends his training expertise and professional input on the positive aspects of the Scruffy Guider Collar. Video testimonials from satisfied customers, a veterinarian, a behavior consultant, and instructions for use are also included.

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