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Starter Orientation

Starter Orientation

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The first step towards attending group classes is to attend an Orientation. This prerequisite session will provide the information necessary to prepare you for group classes. We will discuss training terms and equipment, dog behavior and socialization, and class structure so that you are able to jump into classes right away. You will also receive a packet along with the Misty Pines Training Manual. After attending the Orientation, dogs over six months will enter into Level 1 Classes. Puppy and Starter Orientations are offered once a month. The registration fee is $65 for the Orientation and $18 for each Group Class.

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Pre-Register for Misty Pines' Starter Orientation class to prepare for Level 1 Dog Training Classes.

*  The information that we will cover is for you, having your dog present will make it difficult to give your full attention.

*  Adults and children are welcome to attend the Orientation.

*  Starter Orientation is for dogs over 6 months old.

*  You must have your dog's vaccinations emailed or faxed to Misty Pines before the Orientation. We require written proof of Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP.

Training tools commonly used in group classes:

- 6 foot leash (retractable leashes are not permitted on the premises)

- Treats

- Bait bag

- Training collar (Scruffy Guider or Gentle Leader are preferred, but not required)

Orientation is from 7- 9:00pm!

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