Flyball - Flights scheduled the first Saturday of every month.The Flyball Class at Misty Pines is offered to all levels of experience. Curriculum depends on class size and the skill level of dogs attending. Whether your dog competes in the sport or if you are a novice, this class will teach you and your dog the fundamentals of Flyball.

Flyball is an activity for ball loving dogs, athletic dogs or dogs that need a job. It is great for physical exercise as well as mental exercise and provides a way for your dog to release his or her energy. Flyball is a positive way to build teamwork between you and your dog and to strengthen your relationship. Most importantly it is a way to bond with your dog and have fun.

A team consists of four hurdles, four dogs and the Flyball box. In this relay race sport the dog jumps over the four hurdles, presses on the Flyball box to release the tennis ball and then jumps back over the hurdles. Then the next dog takes off and completes the same sequence until all four dogs have finished.

Classes will focus on building upon your dog’s natural talents and to encourage them to perform at a new level.


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