The dogs are looking good, Beretta’s coat is coming in very nicely. I have been feeding twice daily, morning and evening, adding water to every portion, brewers yeast, salmon oil, a little bacon or hamburger fat, cooked eggs every other evening, soft food and periodically venison. The feeding schedule has improved behavior and relationship with the dogs. Recall and general interaction has also improved. The recall has improved just from the changes in diet and eating schedule. Focus while in the field has improved. Thank you for your wisdom.

– Ray Haywood

I really enjoyed the class. I am working toward the balanced smoothie. I have moved to 1 meal/day and I monitor my dogs calories. Eating has never been a problem for him. He is on the brewer’s yeast and fish oil. Thank you for such an informative class.

– Pat Sanders

We’ve been feeding our pack of seven a mixture of meat and vegetables for about a year and a half. We process everything so they’re not swallowing whole pieces. We have someone home most of the time so our dogs are active quite a bit of the day and evening. Feeding twice a day has worked well for us.

We’ve noticed a significant difference in their behavior. They get along better, they listen more and they have more energy. When people come over they notice how smooth and soft their coats are (6 Norwegian Elkhounds, 1 lab). Our 13 1/2 year old lab is walking again and has more energy. Elkhounds are prone to cysts and we’ve gone from at least 2-3 big cysts on especially our females to a rare small one.

At the class we learned a better way to guide their weight. By evaluating each dog daily we can adjust the amount of food they get at each meal. Our large male had trouble losing weight. It’s been much easier to help him shed some pounds by simply being more aware. The dogs are all very excited at meal time. They enjoy their food. It feels really good to see them eating something we’ve made and know for sure what’s in it.

From the class I’m more conscious of adding more value to their food even if it’s small amounts. We weren’t sure about mushrooms. Now that we understand them we’ve added them to their diet. We have a dog rescue so we’ve been able to share this knowledge and help more rescue dogs become healthy and remain healthy.

Thank you for all the hard work you do. We appreciate you. :).

– Georgeann, Nikita, Dalaran, Electra, Kel, Valkyrie, Axel and French Fry.

Dog Boarding

A few years ago my lab, Sophie, went through your Therapy program. Sophie did great and 2 years later my chocolate lab Eddie started the program. You provided me with the training and I continued to work with both of my labs. This training became invaluable as my family relocated to St Thomas Virgin Islands. Last year we were devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Both were category 5 hurricanes and thankfully my wife and 2 yr old were able to leave before they hit. I stayed behind with my labs. We survived and after 30 days without power or a generator decided it was time to leave until we had power returned. I was able to get us out, and because of your training, Sophie and Eddie did great on our travels.

– Ken L.

5 star hotel for your pet!! Super friendly staff & very clean.

– Kaitlyn Nestel

Misty pines has been an absolute godsend to us. We commuted an hour each way every week, and it was completely worth it. We loved our class with Kelly and Jace and our dog has learned so much. The huge property is great for hikes and the dog park has a ton of running space. Extra props for being one of the only puppy classes I’ve attended who works on agility obstacles. It’s given me and our pooch a nice foundation for the agility class we are currently working through. Unfortunately for us, we moved out of state and it was very hard to find a place we liked as much as misty pines.

– Pamela Sachs

Friendly staff excellent groomers Ask for Maura …she did such a great job.

– Terry Mitchell

Such a beautiful facility! We’ve had our puppy here for pre-boarding and to be groomed and we were very impressed! There is an extensive training facility along with a great dog park with a massive pool. The people are very friendly and quick to offer advice and product suggestions. We will definitely be coming back here for training, boarding and the dog park!

– Jake Smith

Take my staffy bull terrier to them when I have to go out of town for boarding. He seems to love the place and is always happy when he comes home. Staff is friendly and the walkthrough of the property was awesome. Very clean and well kept. A+.

– Harley Svihla

Great place for training and boarding. I have not had any bad experiences here.

– Mackenzie Read

I love Misty Pines! You can tell that they really love and have a heart for dogs. Their parks and training facilities are amazing, the staff are super caring and helpful, and the shop is great. Both my dogs wear their collars!

– Rosie Koster

Love training here and the faculty is top notch

– Alan Wiltfeuer

Really friendly and attentive staff.

– David Watson

Greatest ever

– David Hoover

I love this place! If I’m taking my dog somewhere to have fun and keep him busy, this is where I go. They are a little bit pricey but that doesn’t bother me as I only go to one class a week if I’m not busy and as an added bonus, the dog park is free before and after that class you take! I take my dog to the Toy breed class, Ed normally teaches it and I have to say, he really has a way with the little dogs… After coming here maybe fifteen times I have noticed my dogs behavioral and potty problems diminishing and an increase in confidence just by having this outlet for him once a week… They also sell these special training collars, I was very iffy to spend money on just a fancy collar, but I ended up getting one after not having much success with his harness, and their training collar REALLY made a difference in training. I’m not sure why, I think it’s about the communication through the leash. Overall, I recommend this place!

– Haley Martin

Superb training. Fantastic boarding. Great grooming. Everyone is incredibly knowledgeable and legitimately loves their jobs and the animals.

– Ek Palmer

We’ve taken our lab here weekly since we got him 2 years ago. I can’t recommend them enough. We went to a orientation class the week we got him. And after our lab got a little bit older about 6 months I think? We took him for classes once a week and wow did they work. We’ve since taken him 1 -3 times a week for day care to socialize and play with other dogs. He loves it so much. When we pick him up he almost seems sad to leave lol.

– Bob Dowds

An amazing place to bring your dog for a couple of hours, daycare, or boarding. The campus is secluded and feels like you’re in the middle of the mountains. Very clean, no dog smell and lots to offer! The services and pricing beat out other major chain kennels like Camp Bow Wow. This is my new favorite dog kennel and I’ll be coming here often.

– Vic Novak

Everyone who works here is very knowledgeable and great with my dog. I have had her here a couple times for boarding and a few extra classes. She lives it every time we come. Plus they are helping me get her to be a certified therapy dog!

– Joe Myers

Best dog training facility in the Pittsburgh area. We did a lot of research and after a visit here the choice was easy. The facility and staff are one of a kind.

– Richard A. Mazzocca

I just want to say how happy I am with Misty Pines! Facilities up-kept nice, reasonable prices, above all your trainers EXCEL. They are great with identifying needs and guiding solutions.

– Martha M.

I boarded my two cats at Misty Pines for 8 days while I went out of town. When I called to make my reservation the woman on the phone was very pleasant, cheerful, and helpful. Then, when my car wouldn’t start on my way to drop my cats off, they were understanding and said they would stay late if they needed to (thankfully my boyfriend was able to get off work early!) and upon walking in the building they were welcoming and seemed happy to meet my cats! I was slightly worried about leaving them as the younger one had yet to stay in a kennel before. The employees were sympathetic and told me I was free to call and check in on them whenever I wanted. When I picked them up, although a different woman was at the desk and seemed a bit short with me at first, there were at least 4 other large dogs inside the room and she was trying to help all of them get what they needed first (understandably, since I was last to arrive). However, once it was my turn, she was just as friendly as the employees from before and let me know that both of my cats did very well though one of them had some soft stool (my fault as I forgot to bring their food from home!). She even helped me carry them out to my car instead of me taking two trips. Both my cats are home and doing well and if I have to leave town and can’t bring them with me, I’m definitely boarding them at Misty Pines again. 😀

– Liz T

When we got our puppy, Darby, I was completely stressed and overwhelmed with how I was going to train this little life to fit in with ours and our 6 rescue cats. Immediately, upon setting foot on the grounds at Misty Pines, I breathed a sigh of relief. Jeff was sooooo incredible with us and with Darby. Bret and Dan make our training classes practical, effective and fun. We look forward to our days at Misty Pines. The puppy orientation was wonderful and informative (even though my husband and I raised a puppy before) and the pricing at Misty Pines is set reasonably. The trainers and staff have always been professional and courteous not to mention gentle with Darby. Every pet owner should experience Misty Pines and all they have to offer with their dog(s). We are so thankful we found a haven and place to go with Darby to address our issues and concerns as well as have fun with our pet!!! It is perfect for dogs of any age, not just puppies. Check it out today!!! We LOVE it!

– Amy Bluedorn

Thank you so much for taking good care of our kids, Sam and Siena! We sincerely appreciate it.

– Thom and Marylynn

We’ve only had to kennel our 2 large dogs once and it was a hard experience for us (not the dogs!). The staff was very caring and patient with us. They did everything we asked to make sure our babies were happy. They didn’t seem to mind my check-up calls thru the week. If I ever need to kennel the dogs again, I will return to Misty Pines!

– Heather D.
via ~ www.zootoo.com

Thanks for taking such good care of Jack – not just today – but also while he was boarding with you! He’s never looked better than when he’s had a visit to “Jeff.” I really appreciate your business integrity and your basic love for the animals that we neurotic owners entrust to you!

– Jan

Dear Mr. Woods, Thank you for watching Clancy for us! I hope you had a nice time with Clancy! I was hoping that Clancy was good for you!! She is never really good! Well at least I had a good vacation! Love,

– Rich, Fran, Chancy and ME (Alison) Jewell (5)

We left our dog Gunnar with you for three days in late July. I just wanted you to know that he had a wonderful time! He looked great when my parents picked him up. He was very happy. Thank you for your wonderful care of Gunnar. He is very special to us. We will recommend you to all of our friends.

– Gail

Thank you for a year full of fun and good care. We never trusted any kennel before for any of our animals. We always felt better having friends take care of them at our house. Now however; we are more relaxed during our travels knowing they are in good hands with all of you. Also, thanks to your classes we have the best trained dog we’ve ever had. Everybody in Jim’s building at *** is always amazed at her obedience and calmness, especially when she obeys! So thank you all and God’s blessing to all of you.

– Laura and Jim

Just thought of you and your special way of working with canines. I was just petting Ginger (our 10+ year old Chocolate Lab), and thinking how wonderful she is doing, and how she continues to give her unmatched love and affection. Her knack for learning, and her love of retrieving continues full speed. She amazes me with how fast she runs.

Three legs don’t prevent Ginger from doing the things she really enjoys, and her quality of life is honestly good. no, she can’t jump up and into the back of our station wagon, and she is careful on stairs. She does, however, truly love to travel and to simply “hang out” in her yard. Her eating habits haven’t changed a bit. She’s still like “Mikey” in that she eats almost anything! We have cut back a little (very little) on the amount we feed her just to make sure that she doesn’t gain weight. She gets us up before the sun comes up for her breakfast. Revenge for getting just two level cups of food in the morning instead of the heaping cup measure?

Jeff, I just want you to know how well Ginger is doing. Lois and I have not boarded her since the amputation of her back right leg to remove it’s malignant cancers. we talk with some real seriousness about driving to Misty Pines should lodging of Ginger become necessary. Misty Pines is a Five-Star Doggie Hotel where Ginger truly loves to stay.

Thank you very much for being the kind of friend to canines as canines are to people.

– Russ

Even though the weather turned to what should probably be natural for this time of year, we considered our first Yorkie Meet and Greet a TOTAL success. A major contributing factor was your terrific facility. A number of our people simply could not make it due to the weather and the distance they had to travel but those of us who were able to be there were thrilled that it all took place. Misty Pines is just wonderful. You have a place to be proud of and we wanted you to know how much we loved it.

– Kathi, Donna, Todd

To our English Pointer Family,

Blaze and I want to be among the first to express how we feel about the kindness and thoughtfulness you and everyone at Misty Pines have shared with us. Our “pointer family” has been very loyal to us in this time of need.”

To Everyone at Misty Pines,

Bringing Blaze and Misty to Misty Pines has given us peace of mind knowing that they are in a warm and friendly place, a home away from home. This meant the world to Jeff and I. There are no adequate words of thanks that we can express. We shall never forget your kindness.

– Jeff, Julie, Michael, Misty and Blaze

Thank you for caring for Dora. She loves being with you, which makes us happy!”

– Uli and Rosweitha



Thank you for putting on such a nice seminar for our GSP club. I just wanted to personally thank you for your time and energy. I believe a trained dog is a good dog whatever type of work you may do with your dog, and you give many good tips and insights into that philosophy, you attitude and patience with all the members was outstanding and should be commended.

– Cathey,
Chairman of GSPC of Ohio

I want to personally extend my heartfelt gratitude for participating in my 1st Annual Sportsmen’s Expo on Saturday, June 28, 2003. It was a complete success due to your cooperation and service provided to those in attendance. The estimated figure of attendees was approximately 500. I was very pleased considering it was the first one.

– Jane C. Orie, State Senator


Private Lessons

I met you in 2009 at a private lesson for my GSP. I had problems keeping her still when birds were visible in front of her. I wasn’t in touch again for quite some time because the lesson you gave showed me how to effectively solve the problem. The hour was worth every penny, and I learned far more than I could have in a book or DVD. I’ve spoken very highly of you to other “dog people” including some of my customers from your area (your customers too it turns out).

-Michael Emanuele

In the spring of last year we brought our recently adopted 7 year old coon hound, Red, to Jeff for obedience training (more for us that the dog, actually). At any rate, after only one private lesson and a handful of classes, Red has become extremely well behaved, especially on walks. We live pretty far away from Misty Pines (almost and hour) so it is difficult to make it for regular classes, but I refer everyone I know to Misty Pines.

We enjoy Red so much that we are thinking of a new addition, this time a puppy.

-Jackie, Mark and Red Fulton

“Thanks for your personal visit last weekend to help us with training our dog. We thought she was hyper, wouldn’t listen and was pretty much running our house. You showed us a totally different personality to our dog, she’s very submissive and loving and really wants to please us. We were just not reinforcing our commands, and letting her have the upper hand. Now she is a different dog! She patiently waits for her release and is calmer in the house and outside. We definitely learned so much from your home visit. It was so much easier with one on one in her own environment. Thanks a million for all your advice, it saved us a lot of aggravation!”

– Sincerely, Marty and Bernie

I can’t begin to thank you enough for what you’ve done with Molson. I’m soooo impressed.

It’s been one week that he’s been home and he’s doing great.

I go through his commands with him all day long and he’s responding close to 100% of the time.

Also just for he record, when he does test me, I’m consistent 100% and I’m not treating him like a baby. I must admit is sure makes my life easier.

So, thank you again, I really appreciate your sincere concern and dedication.

– Charlene

Just wanted to thank you again for your patience and expertise with Sophie. It’s true, she’s a different dog, now that I’ve learned the mistakes I was making. I really believe, NOW, that there are no bad dogs, just “untrained” owners. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad I found Misty Pines! Thanks again, from Sophie and I, and a big God Bless!!!

– Deacon


Dog Training

I just want to say how happy I am with Misty Pines! Facilities upkept nice, reasonable prices, above all your trainers EXCEL. They are great with identifying needs and guiding solutions.

– Martha MacMillan

At Ease Men – Service dog is blessing for veteran

By Caitlin Bauer

David Stemmerich’s dog Sarge is more than a faithful companion: He’s a lifeline.

Stemmerich took Sarge to Misty Pines Pet Company in Sewickley for a few months’ worth of obedience classes before the trainer told him about Freedom Guide Dogs.

“He’s a post-traumatic stress dog; he’s not had guide dog training,” Loori said. “What he does is give moral support to his handler so that he can be out in the community.”

“Instead of focusing on the crowds and the stress of being in public, he’s focused on Sarge…”

Read the full article here.

“Sarge” – A Local Veteran’s LifelineDave and Sarge (gsp)

By Brad Rapp

Having served two tours of duty in Iraq, one with the 82nd Airborne and the other with the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division as well as a tour in Korea, Dave Stemmerich of Parker has seen first hand what the casualties of war can bring. His foot prints in the sand, although long blown over, have been possibly forever etched in his mind…

Part of Dave’s success is currently in the making. Thanks to Dave’s wife Stephanie, they were able to learn about a nonprofit company known as Freedom Guide Dogs. In fact, it was thanks to Jeff Woods the Founder and President of Misty Pines Pet Company of Sewickley where the Stemmerich’s were made aware of the services of Freedom Guide Dogs. It was at Misty Pines Pet Company in Sewickley where “Sarge” the family’s young German Short Hair Pointer, received his initial obedience training to prepare Sarge for his service dog training.

Freedom Guide Dogs is a non profit organization based in Cassville, New York, which breeds, raises, trains and places guide dogs with the blind through a distinctive program called Hometown Training™. Freedom Guide Dog’s service is available to people in the Northeastern United States at no cost.

Patty with her TDIA ribbon

Patty earned her CD title on Oct 25th. Additionally, she earned her TDIA (Therapy Dogs International Active working title) for completing 50 visits to St. Barnabas Nursing Home in Gibsonia. Patty accomplished these goals within a week of her one year anniversary of coming to live with me and my labs. She is nine years old. It just goes to show you can definitely teach an old dog new tricks. Misty Pines was instrumental in helping me get Patty ready for her TDI test as well as giving us plenty of opportunity to practice our ‘stay’ exercises for the obedience ring.

Thanks to Jeff, Brett, Aimee and staff for their support in our training endeavors.

– Rachel




I have been using this facility for about 15 years. I have used it for obedience training but most of all for field dog training. When I first went there I was very impressed at how clean it was. All the staff are very helpful and professional.

– Joy
via ~ www.zootoo.com

I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed the Puppy orientation on Wednesday. It was very informative and fun for my puppy, Shiva I look forward to the Puppy Classes

– Becky

I would like to say that I was very impressed with your facility how the classes are conducted. but more importantly, it seemed to me that my dog as well as all of the other dogs of those at Orientation are a priority. I look forward to bringing my dog to class.

Many things that you discussed made me feel that I was doing things well with my new addition. It has been 10 years since having a puppy in the house and one “forgets” some of the puppy issues.

My recently departed dog and I had a terrible experience with a so called “expert” in dog training and I was very gun shy about bringing my new puppy to a training facility.

Thank you for a very positive enlightening evening and I look forward to bringing my puppy to class.

– Debbie and Ryker

Misha’s doing great with her training. She’s really a different dog with the collar on. Had a tow truck come for our car and a dog walk by at the same time and she didn’t move from her stay! Great distractions!

– Judy (’92)

We went to the Orientation class Wednesday and can not wait until we can bring Ginger in for training on a Saturday! Please add us to your e-mail list, we hope to stay on top of your scheduled classes. We are seriously considering the kids’s training sessions, because we think the kids need more training than Ginger;-)

Jeff’s presentation was great. It was amazing to see such a variety of “un-trained” dogs do as well as they did just for an orientation session.

– The Hayes’

I just wanted to tell you that Bill and I were at the nuisance class yesterday and already we are seeing the benefits of it. Isabella is really starting to listen to us! I can’t believe it! We’re extremely pleased with the class! Thanks again-now I understand that training is not only for the dogs, but for the dog’s owners as well.

– Stephanie

I attended the orientation last night and again enjoyed it. I didn’t realize how much I had forgotten since I had attended with Blanche. Cordelia and I look forward to the puppy classes and socializing with the other dogs and your staff members. I think you run a great facility and once again look forward to our visits.

– Caryn

We want to thank you for your support, limitless patience and guidance with Chief this year. You all know I asked a thousand question and I will in the future. We thank you for your understanding.

– Randy, Sue, Chief and Chubs

It’s been so much fun these past few weeks being involved in the many programs here at Misty Pines. Your dedication to pets is evident in everything you do, even in the appearance of the grounds. And the way you reach out to the owners through the website and the information in the classes is helpful and welcome.

This is now my third “generation” of dogs with Misty Pines. I will always be thankful for the way you cared for Bailey in her elder years, especially, and I look forward to raising my new friend to be “Truly” The world’s best dog!

– Jan

Thank you so much for all the help. Without your guidance and faith, my confidence never would have been at a level high enough to train Oola. And this whole incident pointed out that whatever is going on in the trainer’s head determines whether the dog succeeds or fails to be trained.

– Sherry

I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for everything you do. Not only for the dogs, but for the dog parents.

I have learned so much through all of you. When I got the dogs last year, I basically had no clue what to do with a dog. I have learned so much from Misty Pines, and I feel much more comfortable being a doggie mommy. I know there is still a lot to learn, but I’m not terrified anymore.

Mel has been a wonderful dog, and is so great at his volunteer work. The folks at the nursing home love him, as well as the children who read to him (he is a good listener). And at 9 years old, he shows that older dogs can learn

And Tessie has come such a long way this year! I credit it to you. All of you have been so great with her, and have made it a point to help with her socialization. When she goes up to someone, or allows someone to per her, I am so grateful to your continued efforts. (I still have hope that Tessie will someday advance beyond the Starter class, if little-miss-energy can stay put long enough for a 3 minute down stay. And pass a therapy dog test so she can go to nursing homes as well.)

I also want to thank you for all of the socials you put on for dogs and owners. I love doing things with my dogs, so I appreciate the opportunities you provide.

And I never worry about leaving the dogs in the kennel. I think they both like it (and it gives them a break from school and work and other things I make them do).

We are going to miss all of you so much when we move. But we’re ready for the next phase of our life, when we adopt a couple of kids. I think both dogs will enjoy having children in the house to play with. And the new house has a big yard and an in-ground pool. I’ll be curious if the dogs will go swimming next summer.

I still have family out here, so when we come to visit, we’ll stop by for class. (And I’ll bring you some good stuff from Philly.)

All our love,

– Cheryl, Mel, and Tessie

Thanks for being there for Jack when he needed a lot of training. But most important. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Alan and Barb


Doggie Daycare

This email serves to formally express my gratitude for the services of the Misty Pines Pet Company As you are fully aware, Gwendolyn is the most important component of my life. My heart is rendered with complete happiness with knowledge that whilst at daycare, Gwendolyn socializes in a friendly, clean, beautiful environment. The entire staff – managers, technicians, maintenance, assistants, trainers, and groomers – extends beyond the expected call of duty to provide a euphoric experience where I know that my puggle is well cared for. I firmly believe that Gwendolyn’s happy demeanor is catalyzed by her interaction with the staff through the wonderful array of services offered.

In addition to complimenting the regular services, I want to fully commend the Nutritional and Behavioral Seminar. Information learned from this seminar will, indeed, promote a healthier Gwendolyn. Through a controlled process, I will convert her diet to a whole food version, and I will educate my colleagues and friends of the whole food diet benefits. Furthermore, as the puggle mother, I can now properly define Gwendolyn’s personality which prompts a better level of patience and associated modification to management of her behavior. I am hopeful that additional educational seminars will be offered in the foreseeable future.

In summary, I wish to thank everyone at the Misty Pines Pet Company for helping me to raise a healthy, happy puggle. I am forever grateful.

Kindest regards,

– Nicole Marie Story
Mother of Gwendolyn

“Here is a VERY amateur video of Swiper last Thursday morning right before leaving the house to go to Misty Pines! We go through this every single week . . . Swiper just loves going to “doggie daycare” and that’s all we have to say to get him going!”

– Lisa

As you know I have been bringing Bailey to Misty Pines for almost 3 years now. We use you exclusively for all our day care and kennel needs. We use day care on a weekly basis and don’t know how we would live without it. Bailey is such a rambunctious shepard mix that we don’t like to leave her at home all day if we can help it.

Daycare has been a god send for us. We have a happier, healthier and more socialized dog. I never worry about Bailey while she is at Misty Pines because I know she is cared for just like she is part of your family. All of the people at Misty Pines take the time to get to know us and Bailey and make us feel so warm and welcome. She always comes home tired and happy and so are we.

I recommend everyone to bring their Dog to Misty Pines for Day Care, Kennel or any of the other wonderful services you provide.

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful environment for both myself and my pet.


– Shanda Bissett


Dog Park

“I love the cleanliness of the facility and friendliness of the staff”“My dog loves the park and pond — a wonderful exercise option.”

– Janelle

Even though the weather turned to what should probably be natural for this time of year, we considered our first Yorkie Meet and Greet a TOTAL success. A major contributing factor was your terrific facility. A number of our people simply could not make it due to the weather and the distance they had to travel but those of us who were able to be there were thrilled that it all took place. Misty Pines is just wonderful. You have a place to be proud of and we wanted you to know how much we loved it.

– Kathi, Donna, Todd


Cat Boarding

We just wanted to say a big Thank You for taking care of Leroy and Maus on our 3-week trip. Although we missed them very much on the trip, we knew that they were in good hands with you.

– Heather and Greg