Training During Dog Daycare

Daycare Training

Our unique indoor/outdoor daycare yards, which are divided into five separate areas, provide a wonderful way for puppies, adolescent and adult dogs to exercise, learn canine communication skills and build confidence. These skills are invaluable when raising a healthy, happy, well-adjusted canine. In addition to social time with other dogs, your dog can be mentally stimulated by learning and participating in a selection of activities, which can include: training, treadmill, agility, manners/obedience, and olfactory stimulating walks. Half-hour or 15 minute training sessions may be scheduled while your pet is here for a day of care. These convenient lessons are the perfect way to polish your dog’s skills, introduce a new behavior or work on problem behaviors. Some of our most common training behavior requests are sit/down stay, come, off (not jumping up), walking nicely on leash and other good manners. Our professional trainers work with your dog on the behaviors of your choosing and you pick up a more well-trained dog. This will allow you an easier time to continue training your dog’s good behaviors and to enjoy your dog at home and social outings. We do encourage you to schedule activities at the time of making your dog’s day of care appointment to ensure availability of the service.

The training cost is $50 for half an hour or $30 for fifteen minutes plus the applicable Dog Daycare rate.

“A well-exercised and well-trained dog is a good dog!”


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