Cat Boarding

Cat BoardingCat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding accommodations designed to make our feline guests feel right at home. We provide a quiet atmosphere with a friendly touch. Our Pet Care Technicians will professionally care for your cat and ensure that he is healthy and happy. Remember, we care about your cat too!

Accommodations include cat condos with three different levels, large enough for multiple cats from the same family. Your cat may also pass through a kitty door to the other side of the condo for a different view.

We provide bedding, dishes, litter and stainless steel litter pans. We provide Nature’s Variety Instinct Chicken dry cat food as our house diet or you may choose to provide your pet’s own diet in a labeled airtight container.

Grooming services are available Monday-Saturday. You may schedule a haircut or bath for when your cat is lodging with us. We also offer appointments for a thorough brushing and nail trim. Spa options are available if you would like to treat your cat (and yourself!) to an extra soft, shiny and great smelling coat. Please schedule your appointment at the time you book your lodging reservation to ensure we have an available appointment.

We also board other small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, turtles, ferrets and more. Cages or aquariums must be provided for these boarders along with food, bedding, litter and waterers.

Please complete our Boarding Request Form to submit your requested boarding dates.

Cat Boarding Accomodations

Cat Boarding Rates

All cats and small animals are $22 per day.

Holiday and High Season rates: +$10. A 5 day minimum is required for Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
Holiday and High Season dates:

  • All Monday holiday dates are from the Friday before till the Tuesday after.
  • Easter dates are the Wednesday before till the Monday after.
  • Summer High Season dates are from the Friday before Memorial Day till the Tuesday after Labor Day.
  • Office hours for Memorial Day and Labor Day are 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.
  • Thanksgiving dates are the Tuesday before till the Monday after.
  • Christmas and New Year dates are December 20th till January 3rd.

Checkout time is 11 a.m.
There will be no charge for the departure day
for cats checking out by 11 a.m.

* Administering medications and/or supplements is $1 per application. For example – If your cat takes 2 medications and/or supplements twice a day, you will be charged $4 for that day.


Misty Pines must receive your cat’s vaccinations prior to your cat’s check-in date. You may stop by with your cat’s vaccination records, fax them, or send them to us by mail.

Our Fax number is 412-367-7387 (PETS).

Cats need:



We may be unable to accept pets with certain medical conditions in order maintain a clean and healthy kennel.

Helpful Cat Boarding Tips

Plan ahead! Cat boarding is a very popular service, and we tend to book up quickly. Plan to reserve your cat’s condo as soon as you are aware of the dates you need. A credit card is required for all reservations. We require 5 days notice for cancellations or changes in reservation dates. Without 5 days notice there is a $95 charge.

Once your boarding reservation has been approved, please fill out our boarding check-in form.

Separation from you and being in a new environment can sometimes produce stress in your pet. Stress can result in lowered immunity and resistance and sometimes even temporary changes in behavior.

Do not feed your pet at least four hours prior to boarding. This will minimize the possibility of having an upset stomach. Because exercise and eating habits can change, some pets gain weight while at a kennel, while others may lose a few pounds.

Please be sure to inform us of any behavior or medical problems that your cat may have such as allergies, medications, separation anxiety, fear of thunder, history of epilepsy, etc. You are financially responsible for any veterinary care required for your pet. All information which may help us care for your pet is pertinent.

All pets must be free of internal and external parasites, and must not have been exposed to any contagious disease. If any fleas are found, your pet will be bathed at your expense. For the sake of all pets in our care, we reserve the right to deny boarding to any pet lacking the required vaccinations, any pet that appears to be behaviorally unsound or any pet that may have been exposed to contagious disease or internal or external parasites.

To keep your pet safe please arrive with your cat or small pet in an appropriate crate or carrier.

Cat Boarding Condo

Understanding the Cattery Environment

At Misty Pines, we pride ourselves on superior pet care and personalized attention to all of our guests. Rest assured that we will do our best to make your cat’s boarding as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Being away form home can be stressful for any pet. Eating and elimination habits can change in a new environment. We ask that you inform us of any special needs or medical problems that your pet may have. Any information that may be help us care for your cat will be very helpful.

Due to the instinctive solitary and territorial nature of cats, they usually enjoy the protected feeling they get from a cat condo. While cats may normally enjoy exercising in large areas at home, they often prefer safety to space while staying in a new environment. Cats exercise isometrically so they can actually exercise their muscles just by stretching. After taking some time to adjust, cats really enjoy their visit with us.

Now That Your Cat Is Home

When you pick up your cat, he will be very happy to see you, but remember that your pet may take time to adjust to being home again, just as he took time to adjust to being in the cattery.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your pet’s visit. As your pet care provider we want to help.

Misty Pines Pet Company Policies and Procedures

To help make your cat’s boarding a pleasant and relaxing experience for everyone, Misty Pines has instituted the following procedures:

Pick-up and Drop-off by appointment only.
Mon – Sat: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Closed Sundays
5 days notice is required for ANY changes or cancellations.

All cats must be current on Rabies and FVRCCP vaccinations.

A credit card will be required to hold all reservations. 5 day notice is required for cancellations or changes in the boarding dates. Without sufficient notice, a $95 fee will be charged to the credit card we have on file.

We provide bedding, litter pans, litter, food and water dishes, and Nature’s Variety Prairie Chicken dry food for all cats boarding with us.

You are welcome to provide food in a labeled airtight container (Tupperware or Ziploc), but please leave bedding at home.

Be aware that items may be misplaced during your pet’s stay. Please label any belongings and keep your cat’s favorite possessions at home.

Be prepared to take your cat carrier with you. A daily fee of $5 will be charged if storage is necessary.

Payment is due upon pickup. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.