Pre-Boarding visits are one night stays that allow our staff to get a picture of your dog’s comfort level. This experience will include getting them used to our scales for monitoring their weight, continued observation on your dog’s behavior, interactions with staff for check overs, and observation of their appetite at meal times. Your dog may need extra help acclimating to Misty Pines, especially if you plan to board your dog with us for an extended period of time. If that is the case we recommend scheduling your dog for multiple over-night pre-boarding visits.

Pre-boarding your dog before their first boarding visit helps ease concerns about boarding your dog, particularly if the dog is new to boarding, apprehensive or “elderly.” These concerns are valid and at Misty Pines we take them seriously. While here for a pre-board visit, your dog will stay in one of our indoor/outdoor runs to acclimate to the facility as well as the new sights and sounds. When you pick your dog up from a Pre-Board, we will let you know how your dog did and if he needs to attend a couple of these sessions.

It is worth noting, before moving on, that bringing a puppy to the kennel at an early age will help to familiarize the pup with the sights, sounds, smells and staff of the facility and will help to ease anxiety about boarding later in life. Socialization is the most important aspect of raising a puppy. This means more than taking your dog to the park to socialize with other dogs and humans. The meaning of socialization stretches to encompass as many experiences as possible that the dog may have to deal with during it’s adulthood.

First-Time Boarders

Pre-Boarding for dogs

A 5 year old dog who has never boarded and typically spends all day at home could become very stressed when boarding while your family goes on vacation . He’s never been here before and probably never heard our disinfecting equipment (a pressure washer) before. He may have never used a dog door. Has he used an automatic watering bowl that fills itself back up? Does he have people walk past him multiple times a day while he’s in his crate at home? These are all things he will need to get used to in order to have a good boarding experience.

The 10+ Crowd

Pre-Boarding for elderly dogs

Unless very well socialized, elderly dogs are more prone to stress in a new environment than younger dogs. Furthermore, stress can be more physically damaging to an older dog and may lead to serious health problems.

Any dog over 10 years of age that has not boarded at Misty Pines before, or maybe not since they were very young, is required to schedule a Pre-Board. If there are health issues already present, an over-night stay will help to ensure that the problem does not worsen when separated from the owner/family.