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At Misty Pines we say that a well-trained and well-exercised dog is a good dog and by working your dog on a treadmill you are accomplishing both at the same time. Why a treadmill, you ask? You can infinitely exercise your dog indoors, which means that you are no longer governed by the weather.

Below are some excerpts from an article by Jt Clough from All Things Dog Blog about treadmill training:

Most people wish they had just some of the energy their bouncy happy-go-lucky dog naturally possesses. Unfortunately for many dogs, bad behavior happens because the owner does not match the energy level of their dog.

What are the reasons your dog would benefit from dog treadmill training?

Dogs need exercise. Some dogs need a lot of exercise and end up in some sort of trouble because of something they’ve done that was bad simply because they have energy that needed to be burned. Chewing on the house and all the things in it, barking, jumping up on people or pulling on the leash so hard while walking or running feels like a really frustrating task are a few of the reasons to think about adding a treadmill to your dog’s life.

Weather conditions is another huge reason for treadmilling your dog. Too hot or too cold, too windy or raining, treadmilling gets your dog the exercise needed to remain a happy healthy, well-behaved dog. Lack of activity during winter months can not only put added pounds on your dog cutting years of their life but add to the misbehaving aspect of daily living as well.

Ziggy on Treadmill

Many people feel like this option is one that will stop them from going outside and enjoying time with their dog and so never consider the idea, when in fact the treadmill can open up the world to a dog who has bad leash manners. Exercise takes the edge off the nervous system in people and it works for dogs in the same way.

What kinds of dogs do well with treadmill training?

All dogs. Honestly. From big dogs to little dogs and anything in-between treadmill training can benefit any dog for a variety of reasons. Training programs should vary depending breed, individual energy level and potential behaviors you’d like to address. Variations may also depend on training for specific dog sports like agility or herding.

Treadmill training programs can go from very basic to quite specific. When starting a training program with your dog, I recommend starting with short periods of time–10 minutes or less. This is true for dogs that are already fit or need to lose a few pounds. Once your dog becomes familiar with treadmilling, you can build the workout time and find variations of speed and incline.

Another bonus that has come with this new activity to do with your dog is the number of people who end up catching the training endorphins from their own dog, and find themselves exercising more. Even those who use some of the time to sit and answer e-mails while in the same room with their dog treadmill, get the benefit of a stronger bond with their dog.

Treadmill Class – $30

Learn how to teach your dog the treadmill to help keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Our most fit and athletic dogs can run on the treadmill at 8 -10 mph for twenty to thirty minutes!

We will also have out GoPet Treadwheels available for use at this class. They are circular treadwheels which dogs can run on at their own speed. Those who have used them have really enjoyed them.

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