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Growl Less Class

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The professional training staff at Misty Pines Pet Company has developed a special class for aggressive and highly aroused canine companions. All Growl Less Class participants must first attend a Behavior Consultation before attending Growl Less Class.
Growl Class dog

    Topics that are covered in Growl Less class are:

  • K9 Peripheral learning
  • Proper handling skills
  • Reading canine body language
  • Anticipating and pro actively responding before aroused and aggressive responses
  • Counter-Conditioning with positive associations
  • Desensitization
  • Obedience / Leadership
  • Agilisty Obstacles

The cost is $18.00 per class and is by appointment.

Are you interested in Growl Less Class but want to see the results, then click here for some Growl Less Class Reviews or click here for a video of our Growl Less Class in action.

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Multi-Level Dog Training Class

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The Multi-Level Dog Training Class incorporates skills and exercises for students from the Level I through Maintenance Plus classes. It provides inspiration to the less experienced owner while continuing to provide challenges for the seasoned veteran. The activities are appropriate for dogs and trainers from Level I through Maintenance Plus, and the results are fun and exciting.

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