Cat and Dog Grooming

To schedule a haircut or bath for your pet please call us at 412-364-4122. You may also schedule a haircut or bath for when your pet is lodging with us. Please schedule your appointment at the time you book your lodging reservation to ensure we have an available appointment. If you are a new client, please call our office to schedule your first appointment then complete our New Grooming Client Form.

dog and cat grooming*Prices vary according to breed, size, condition, temperament and time spent with your pet.

Basic Services:

Basic Bath – $30 & up
– Tearless Bath
– Brush out
– Trim nails
– Clean ears

Basic Groom
– Includes everything from Basic Bath
– Breed appropriate haircut

Walk-in Services:

– Quick Rinse – $15 and up (Includes rinse and quick blow dry – does NOT include shampoo, nails ears nor a brush out)
– Quick Bath – $25 and up (Includes basic shampoo, quick blow dry and ear cleaning – does NOT include nails nor a brush out)
– Nail trimming – $12
– Cat Nail trimming – $15
– Nail grinding – $22
– Ear cleaning – $7
– Tooth brushing – $8
– Brushouts – starting at $10
– Quick trims – starting at $8 (Paw trim, eye trims or sanitary area. Price depends on specific services needed.)
– Anal gland expressing – $12

Spa Packages Available for Grooming

All prices listed are in addition to the base cost of a bath or groom.

Silver Spa Package + $18.00
– Scented moisturizing shampoo (Unscented available also)
– Deep coat conditioner
– Matching scented spritz
– Teeth brushing

Gold Spa Package + $24.00
– Includes Silver Spa
– + Nail Grinding

Scents change periodically. Seasonal scents available. Ask our groomers about our current selection.

Specialty Packages Available for Grooming

All prices listed are in addition to the base cost of a bath or groom.

Deshedding Treatment – This is a multi step process to remove the excess loose fur from your dog.
– Deep Coat Conditioner
– Deep brushout

– Small dog – $18.00
– Medium dog – $20.00
– Large dog – $25.00
– X-Large dog or extra thick coat – $30.00

Deskunking Treatment
– Deodorizing shampoo & cologne

– Cost of bath + $15 or more depending on severity and size of dog.

For the DIY groomer, we also sell the shampoos, conditioners and finishing sprays that we use in our grooming salon.

What Should I Do In-between Grooms

People often wonder what to do between grooms to make their dog’s groom last longer, and many people simply brush their dog thinking that is the key. While brushing does help, it will only help if you are using the proper tool for your dog’s coat type. If you are unsure about the tool you are using for your dog, feel free to ask our groomers when you visit Misty Pines, or simply shoot us an e-mail.

How Old Should My Puppy Be To Start Grooming?

It is imperative to establish a regular grooming routine as early as possible, we recommend between 3-4 months of age, in order to condition the dog to being handled, the sensation of the clippers, dryers and other equipment, as well as the sights and sounds of the grooming room. Pets who are conditioned to being handled and groomed are relaxed and comfortable during the groom itself, and can have the best grooming possible. Starting your dog as a puppy to this conditioning is the best way to shape regular, comfortable grooming.

Why Should My Dog Be Groomed Every 6 – 8 Weeks?

Regular grooming not only helps your dog look and smell good, but also keeps his or her skin and coat in top condition. Regular grooming will alert you to changes in coat, skin condition, and possible health problems. Like a day at the spa, regular grooming can be as therapeutic for dogs as it is for people.

Make grooming a part of your pet’s preventative health program. You may also call to schedule an appointment or have your pet groomed while he is being lodged.

Regular grooming at the same salon can help a dog be more comfortable with the grooming process.

Vaccinations Required:

Dogs need:
Bordetella (Every 6 months)
Cats need: