Marsha and Pat C.

I just wanted to thank everyone who took care of Eli while we were away. We greatly appreciate the excellent care he receives from you. I know he has more needs due to his medical problems but you always accommodate him and we feel that we can leave and he will be well taken care of. Thanks!

Marsha and Pat C.

( Eli (blabx) )

Other Testimonials

While my parents were away, my brother and I spent time with you and our extended family. We felt so comfortable there. We also made many new friends and enjoyed playtime and grooming!! Thanks for the great care we received!

Jeff and Julie B.

( Misty & Blaze B. )

A few years ago my lab, Sophie, went through your Therapy program. Sophie did great and 2 years later my chocolate lab Eddie started the program. You provided me with the training and I continued to work with both of my labs. This training became invaluable as my family relocated to St Thomas Virgin Islands. Last year we were devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Both were category 5 hurricanes and thankfully my wife and 2 yr old were able to leave before they hit. I stayed behind with my labs. We survived and after 30 days without power or a generator decided it was time to leave until we had power returned. I was able to get us out, and because of your training, Sophie and Eddie did great on our travels.

Ken L.

( Sophie and Eddie (labs) )