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Level 2 Agility

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Agility is a fun sport open to any breed of dog which builds strong relationship between dog and handler. In Level 2 Agility, we will discuss terminology (such as “contact zones”), build good handling habits, and begin patterns. This class is designed for those who have taken agility before and want to learn a new way to utilize agility equipment.

Requirements: Dogs must be physically capable of going over a scramble, through a tunnel and over small jumps. Dogs must also be food or toy motivated.

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Level 1 Agility

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Level 1 Agility class is for fun, exercise and relationship building. Everyone is welcome.


Misty Pines teaches and uses agility obstacles in our training classes as motivational aids for your dog as a fun way to learn. Schooling your dog in agility obstacles will also strengthen communication between you and your dog. It promotes teamwork and builds your dog’s respect and trust in you as its leader. While this sport can be very competitive, this class will be taught as a recreational activity to enhance your relationship with your dog. In this monthly agility class, you and your dog will communicate, bond, and have fun! You and your dog can practice any obstacle for as long as you’d like in this class.

We offer a variety of obstacles including the standard agility equipment. Some of our equipment includes hurdles, tunnels, A-frames, see-saws, chutes, dog-walks, weave poles, ladders, treadmills, stairs and more.

The class is designed to help you and your dog learn and excel in agility. It is a class for all skill levels so it is beneficial for dogs that are brand new to agility as well as those that have had experience. You and your dog can practice any obstacle for as long as you’d like in this class. Exercises vary from free running the obstacles to handling skills and mock courses. Curriculum depends on class size and skill level of the dogs attending.

Key benefits of agility class

  • provides mental and physical exercise
  • builds your dog’s trust in you
  • increases your confidence as a handler
  • creates a sense of teamwork
  • fosters a bond between you and your dog…

…all while having fun.

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