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Beginner Conformation

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Beginner Conformation is offered to all dogs whose owners want to learn handling skills. In a fun, relaxed environment, we will discuss show terminology, ring etiquette and what to expect at dog shows. Students will learn how to stack and gait their dog as well as basic patterns. No prior experience is required, and novice handlers are highly encouraged to attend. All dogs over 4 months of age are welcome to attend.

  • Focuses on Stand-stay, learning ring procedure, and what to expect at a show.
  • Open to all. New/novice handlers encouraged to attend this class.
  • Lots of discussion and practice on how to properly and defectively exhibit their dog.
  • We have a stacking table for small dogs.
  • We do not have a ramp.

“The conformation classes held the past 4 weeks with Kelly have been outstanding!!! She has taught me more in 4 weeks than any other teacher has taught me about dog handling. She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. This is the first class I have ever taken with Kelly and I look forward to more training with her.”
~Sue E.

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