Benefits of Blended Raw Foods

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Benefits of Blended Raw Foods


A recent study found that feeding puppies and adolescent dogs a non-processed meat based diet as well as berries, vegetables and even leftovers from human meals decreases the likelihood of a dog developing Inflammatory Bowel Disease/Chronic Enteropathy later in life. Additionally, research shows that feeding as little as 20% raw can reduce the risk of skin allergies! Read about the science and the studies that were done at the links below.

The Nutribullet is a small and powerful blender that can provide a way to make feeding fresh raw foods more economic and convenient to you! The greatest benefit is it can break down ingredients like fruits and vegetable into fine particles yet retain nutrients. Just add a couple handfuls of healthy leftovers or a handful of veggies that aren’t going to last much longer in your fridge with a little bit of water and blend. No need to go out and buy extra ingredients, use what you already have! The Nutribullet will help you create a healthy addition that supports the digestibility and palatability of your dry dog food. Adding nourishing foods to your dog’s diet also gives them a variety of tastes and smells which aids in happiness.

Misty Pines Sale now through the end of the year: Receive $20 off when you purchase a Nutribullet. Mention this email at the checkout counter to receive the $20 off. Keep in mind you can also make delicious blending and smoothie recipes for yourself and human family members too! A great gift for everyone, give the gift of fresh blends every day!

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