Freeze Dried Food and Toppers

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Freeze Dried Food and Toppers


Freeze Dried Food, Treats and Toppers are a convenient way to provide your dog added nutrition to their daily diet. There are various ways of providing this added nutrition. Certainly, feeding freeze dried food is an option, as well as replacing just some of your dog’s dry kibble with the freeze dried food. Toppers and treats can be used as high value reinforcers during training classes and during the dog training you integrate into your daily living. Toppers and treats can be use in the same way, providing a convenient nutrition bonus for our dog!

Freeze-drying retains most all nutrients unlike many traditional kibble based foods and treats. The nutrition your dog needs from the foods like proteins, enzymes, fats, amino acids, probiotics and other nutrients are available for your dog to benefit from. The nutrient Vitamin C can get depleted from the freeze-drying process, however dogs make their own vitamin C so it isn’t usually something they need to always get in their food. When a dog is sick or stressed it will produce less vitamin C. Signs of low vitamin C can include bleeding gums, joint pain or loose teeth. In times where your dog may be producing lower amounts of Vitamin C you can provide them with vitamin c rich foods such as berries, red peppers, pumpkin, broccoli or spinach. Blending the fruits and vegetables in a nutribullet blender is a quick easy way for your dog to be better able to absorb the nutrition instead of your dog eating them whole.

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See the list below of the Freeze Dried products we currently have available.

Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Blend Food
Instinct Raw Longevity Freeze Dried Food
Instinct Mixers Toppers and Treats
NEW! Tricky Trainers Freeze Dried Treats
NEW! Vital Essentials Toppers and Treats
NEW! Dr. Marty’s Treats
NEW! Bocce’s Food Toppers and Treats

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