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Dog Training

Our goal is to make your goals a reality! You and your dog will benefit by developing mutual trust, love, and respect as we teach you to be a successful dog trainer.

Dog Daycare

Your dog can scamper and romp all day in a safe and friendly atmosphere at our professional facility. Training and other activities are available while at Daycare.

Dog Boarding

We offer first class accommodations for your family dog. Our indoor/outdoor kennels are designed for comfort and safety.

Pet Grooming

Our professional groomers will have your pet clean, looking great and smelling wonderful using their skills and all natural grooming products. Schedule an appointment today!

Dog Park

Spend quality time in a dog friendly environment; run and play in the fenced-in playground, swim in the pond, and hike the wooded trails.

Cat Boarding

We provide a quiet atmosphere with a friendly touch. Our cat boarding accommodations are designed to make our feline guests feel right at home.

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Learning Center

Environmental Enrichment for Indoor Cats: Maximizing Your Home to Better Meet Your Cat’s Needs – Part 1

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Part 1: Fundamentals and Food and Water. by Ingrid Johnson, CCBC (Certified Cat Behavior Consultant) Fundamentally Feline  “Environmental enrichment is a concept which describes how the environments of captive animals can be changed for the benefit of the inhabitants. It is a dynamic process in which changes to structures and husbandry practices are made with

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Canines Dealing with Dry, Itchy Skin in the Winter

The furnace is on! This winter has been a cold one and we still have February and March to go before Spring arrives. While our furnaces work to keep us warm, they rob our air of moisture so you may find your indoor pet experiencing dry skin and shedding. This is usually the result of

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The Benefits of Dog Boarding at Misty Pines

This is the most popular time of the year to plan summer vacations. Recent information, provided by AAA and Ambassador travel agency, suggest that people plan their summer vacations 6 months in advance, which means many of you are thinking about your vacations right now. Remember to plan ahead for your dog’s vacation as well!

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Misty Pines’ Dog Resolutions Are Here to Serve You in the New Year and Beyond

DOG RESOLUTIONS: the act of you and your dog determining to make a firm decision to do something to improve life and to have fun with each other. Each Holiday comes with its own set of traditions and for New Year’s it is customary to set resolutions that you’ll carry out in the new year.

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DownStay Cafe 2017

For 14 years the South Side BBQ Company has been partnering with Misty Pines in our endeavors to raise money for great causes while providing a high quality dog-friendly dining experience for our clients. Throughout the event all the dogs are asked to Down-Stay by their owners and they remain there for most of the

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Holiday Hazards

By Misty Pines Pet Company The holiday season brings excitement and commotion associated with shopping, travel, and other seasonal preparations. In all the activities of the season our beloved pets may be exposed to hazards that are not found other times of the year. As homes fill with holiday spirit, pets may be intrigued by

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